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Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children | Specialized Children Dentist

Taking a child to the dentist for the first time can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to making your child comfortable at the dentist’s office is to start early. Not only does this make things easier for both the child and the parent, but it ensures that your child will have healthy teeth and gums from the start, and early visits encourage good dental habits for a lifetime.

It is recommended that children see a dentist for the first time within six months of the eruption of their first baby tooth. Even baby teeth need to be checked because they can get cavities. It is ultimately up to the parents to decide when to make the first appointment for their child, but if you want to wait a little longer, it really is best that you have your child see a dentist no later than by the time they are two years old.

At the first visit, generally time will be taken to get the child comfortable and familiar with the surroundings and the dentist and staff at the office. An exam may not even happen at the very first appointment, depending on the cooperation of the child. The first visit is a learning experience for the parents as well, because this is a time for them to get to know the dentist and ask any questions about their child’s oral health.

One of the most important things to discuss with your children dentist is proper oral hygiene at home. Very young children need help from an adult to brush their teeth until they are old enough to do it on their own. Infants’ teeth can be rubbed gently with fluoride toothpaste placed on an adult’s finger. Eventually the child will graduate to a toothbrush used by the adult, and then to being able to brush his or own teeth.

In the dental office, we recommend dental sealants. This is a completely pain-free experience with the sealants being a clear material that is painted onto the surface of the teeth. Sealants fill in the rough areas that are natural in teeth, and provide a smoother surface that is more difficult for bacteria to grow on. Usually sealants are painted onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth in the back. Dental sealants combined with fluoride toothpaste can greatly reduce the chance of your child getting cavities.

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