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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Would you like to smile again with confidence? Do damaged or missing teeth make you hesitate to smile? Dental implants with Smiles Depot can change all of that.

Dental implants are not all alike, and implant dentistry covers a range of different options and techniques. The one thing all dental implants have in common is that they are permanent. Implants are designed to become a permanent part of your body by fusing together with the bone in your jaws.

There are differences in implants in their size and shape, but the primary differences are in the way artificial teeth, also called crowns, are attached to them. Nearly all implants are designed to have crowns permanently attached. One exception is sometimes called mini-implants or implant-retained dentures. These are permanent implants but the dentures attached are removable like ordinary dentures.

Most all other types of implants have crowns attached permanently, but the question of how many crowns per implant is where things may seem a bit confusing. Most people who have no teeth and are looking for implants to replace all of their teeth do not actually get one implant per crown. Usually, a row of crowns, similar to a dental bridge, is attached to a few implants. One type of dental implant procedure, called All-on-4, requires only four implants for an entire arch of teeth, upper or lower.

Getting dental implants takes some time. Though implants in one day are possible, most types of implants require several visits to the dental office. The first exam and consultation will involve a discussion of your health history. This is because there are some people who are not good candidates for dental implants due to certain health problems, such as diabetes. Dental implants have a success rate of nearly 100%, but Dr. Nokrashy may decide that due to your health or other factors, there is a chance that your body could reject implants. You may also have weakened or insufficient jaw bone, which is often the case in people who have been edentulous (toothless) for a number of years. Sometimes All-on-4 or mini-implants will work in these cases, however.

If it is decided that you are a candidate for implants, the implants will be surgically placed and then some healing time is necessary before the rest of the work can be done. When there will be a long time between the surgery and the placement of the permanent crowns, you may get temporary crowns for the meantime.

Though dental implants can take some time and several appointments, there is no better replacement for missing teeth. The implants act as roots for your new teeth, which not only secures them but also maintains the bone structure of your jaw and does not allow the bone to atrophy or wear away any further. This keeps your appearance looking younger and makes your facial muscles stronger.

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